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How I became a vampire

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

This story includes one of my most memorable fights. It was what lead to my fathers death. It's the reason fight demons and rid the world of the many different evils that plague our way of life.

I was in my mid twenties and had been fighting along side my father for over 5 years and had really started getting into the swing of my fighting style. I had managed to help my father take out a few dozen of our enemies with my bow before getting more up close and personal with one big strong man in particular. He had me pinned down on the ground thinking that he had me disarmed as he had kicked my crossbow from my hand he didn't count on me having my small axe at hand. I was able to get my left arm free and swing it above his head before striking the killing blow. I then pushed myself to my feet but as I stood up i was struck in the shoulder with a arrow. This made me stumble but I kept fighting till the battle was won.

My wounds from the arrow got infected and I became very ill. I was on my death bed and heard the scream of a banshee approach. I knew it was coming for me, this is when a mysterious man approached me, I don't know how he got into my room but I was already scared, I didn't give it a second thought. This man it turned out was a vampire the name he gave me was Brutus his real name I would never know. He spoke and told me that if I listened to him that i would live forever and that he would send the banshee to some else. I didn't know then the true extent of what making a deal with Brutus would mean.

Brutus then bit my neck and started to drain me of my blood the pain was unbearable, I thought that I could die at any moment, just as the pain reached it highest point I heard Brutus tell me that I had to drink. I didn't understand but I didn't want to die so I drank, the first thing I tasted was the sweet metal taste as the blood reached my throat, I wanted to be sick but I couldn't. The feeling of sickness got stronger until it subsided and I started to enjoy the taste. What happened next went by in a blur of pain and then dark. I woke the next night feeling more alive than I had ever felt it was like I was a child again I didn't know why but I was felt stronger than I was before. This could not be explained but Brutus told me that I was now different and never be the same again, and that's how I am now destined to live forever in my new state. I found out later that the price I paid for this new life was my father's life, it was taken in place of mine. I seen him killed in a raid on our home.

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