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"I had a pet wolf which people found strange, I guess it was but it wasn't planned"

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

I have told you a bit of my back story already but I am thought I would tell you a bit more about me before I tell you about my adventures as it might give you a better idea of the way I learnt how to do things.

I unfortunately have to keep changing my date of birth as part of having to change my identity so I have forgotten my true date of birth, but I was born in Ireland. My parents didn't think I was strong enough to survive at first but I surprised everyone when I made it through the first day after I was born, I went from strength to strength and when I made it to 1 year that is when my parents named me although this name was later changed to Drynwyn. I have changed my name a few times over the years but I decide it was right to go back to Drynwyn as it has suited me better.

I showed my fiery side one day in a way that I myself found strange. I was five when I first realised how much I dislike being backed into a corner. I was out by myself when a small stone hit the back of my legs and made me fall as I got back up an older boy standing over me he pushed me and I pushed back which gave me time to run. He ran after me and I found myself backing up into a tree, he pinned me there and swung his fist. I let out a loud shout so big I didn't realise it came from me. I closed my eyes and swung my tiny fists. My father must have heard my shout because when I opened my eyes I seen him standing there smiling as I was sitting top of this crying older boy. My father lifted me up and carried me home as I was kicking and scream. It was then that my name was changed as my father said he seen that day my fiery side he said that he didn't come because he was worried I was hurt he came because he thought someone was being attacked by a wolf or something.

Although I already knew by then how to hold some weapons it was this that made my father sure that it was the right idea to teach me how to fight with weapons. I was the only girl in the whole of my village that was being taught how to fight with weapons but I was my mother and fathers only child. My father allowed me have a sword from the age of four to start to practice my sword fights although he didn't allow me to swing it at anyone at first. It took a few years of practice before I was having one on one fights with boys of my age, they often took it easy on me till they realised that I was able to take them down easily. I also learnt how to handle an axe quickly. Although I was a bit older the first time I held an axe than I was a sword as my father thought that a axe was more dangerous and harder to control more than a sword.

I had a pet wolf which people found strange, I guess it was but it wasn't planned. I stumbled across her in the woods one day when she was just a pup. I was searching the woods for some tasty berries to go into cooking later, sure if I had a snack that was a plus. I had discovered some blackberries in a thick brush when my little wolf pup suddenly jumped out and scared me. I soon realised that she looked as frightened as I had been. I bent down and stretched out my hand palm down and hoped that she would approach and realise that I wasn't wanting to hurt her. Soon enough she started to sniff my hand and I rubbed her hand. After that she followed me back home I decided to name here Luna she was a pale grey colour and had blue eyes that reflected the moon nicely. She was so loyal and went everywhere with me there was times that I like I didn't need my sword when I had Luna with me although I carried it with me anyway. I wish I could have made her immortal as she made such a good friend and I loved her so much.

All in all my childhood was a good one my mother was loving, caring and tender, she worried when I got into fights. She wanted me to just like all the other girls so that she knew that I would be safe, but she knew how important it was to my father that he was able to teach my everything he knew about fighting with weapons. I remember hearing them arguing sometimes over this but these always over quickly. My father was strong, he was tall and broad. He was very tough on me when he thought I was misbehaving, but deep down he was sweet and kind(he would never like me saying that). There was always someone within the village I could talk to and I came to see them as family. We were a tight knit community. I remember that I was never left without anything to do there was always something I needed to get for my mother. I grew up strong and was fighting along side my father in no time. I always enjoyed the fight with my father as it made me feel like an important part of the community and I felt like I was protecting my village.

I didn't have many friends growing up because the rest of the girls in my village found me odd because I knew how to wield weapons and fight like any boys, and some of the boys were scared of me because I could fight better than them. I didn't mind this at all as I enjoyed my own company. Being able to go out on my horse at anytime and just go for a long ride in the countryside with Luna running beside me was so relaxing. My mother and father never worried when I went out by myself as they knew that I could look after myself.

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I had a friend describe these short stories as my diary, I never thought of them like that before but I guess they are. I hope that you like them. I enjoyed writing this about my Luna.

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