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" I waited and when he came over I swiftly kicked him to the groin"

I will tell you about a creature that I couldn't kill nor could I befriend. I couldn't kill her because she was too much like the creature I had become that I found it difficult to take her life. I also couldn't befriend her because she was so dangerous for me to be around ad I would have got caught up in her evil.

You see she wasn't always evil so to kill her for me would be wrong as I felt her pain. In her eyes she was wronged by someone she should have been able to trust.

As the legend went this creature who became known as Dearg Due which means red bloodsucker was once a beautiful lady. It is said in the legend that this lady was on was once known throughout the country for her beauty but she fell in love with a peasant man, which her father forbid. Her father feeling that this man was unacceptable and would not let his daughter marry him. He then forced her to marry a man because he was rich. This lady didn't want to be married to this man and he mistreated her which lead to her committing suicide. After she was buried she rose up out of her grave in order take revenge on her father and husband and did this by sucking their blood until they were dead.

It is through that this woman is so beautiful that able to seduce any man easily, since they are seduced by her she finds ti easy to then bite them and drink their blood. There is another creature that is similar in that she seduces men she is called Leanan sídhe she doesn't kill the men herself. I will talk about her more later. It was once believed in my village that the Dearg Due once tried to seduce my father but that he didn't fall for it as he was so much in love with my mother, it was then believed that the Dearg Due could not seduce my father because she had her own spell on him and she was a sorceress. That is also a story for another day.

So although her action ended being evil I had to leave her to them the only thing I could do was try to reduce the amount of men that she was able ti seduce, disturb her when she tried. This was easier said than done as it was hard to know just where and when she would strike.

I once encounter her one night this was more modern times, it was at a concert that we had both gone to. I don't know if she was going to try and seduce a security guard or one of the band as there wasn't much men within the crowd in fact a lot of the crowd were still young and most were female. Girls were singing and dancing along to the songs and screaming at the top of their lungs. Everything was loud, lights were glaring and the air was hot and full of sweat, but I could suddenly make out the Dearg Due's faint flowery scent drifting through the crowd worming her way to the front. I followed the scent and there I seen a security guard watching the Dearg Due dance instead of doing his job. I knew the only way that I could save his life was to distract him and take his attention away from this evil creature. So I did the only thing I knew would work in this type of crowd. I got up on a chair and pretended to be caught up in the moment, getting excited and jumping up and down, I then used this to make it look as if I fell of the chair in the excitement and bang my head. I knew that the entranced man would have to come over and check on me and offer medical assistants, I waited and when he came over I swiftly kicked him to the groin and got up knowing that this would make him give chase. He suddenly snapped out of the trance he was in and weaved his way through the crowd behind me all the while trying to signal his friends to help. This annoyed the Dearg Due who followed behind. It didn't take long to lose them both and exit the premises. I never saw the Dearg Due that night but I did hear her screaming and I was satisfied that I had prevented a kill. I often see her in the shadows from time to time stocking her prey waiting to for the right moment. Sometime if it is a social gatherings I will find her intended victim and ask him to dance limiting her chances others I don't get to them on time.

Although I can't befriend her I myself know all to well what it's like to have a terrible lust for blood I need it now to survive. Although unlike the Dearg Due I have managed to find a way to control this lust. I no longer feel the hate I once had for Brutus although I no longer know where he is. I am not fuelled by revenge but I know what it is like to feel betrayed by someone you trust so although I don't agree with this creature I can understand her need. Maybe one day I will track her down and kill her but for now I will do what I can to protect those who need it.

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