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"It turned out that I didn't have to wait long."

I first met this person one night when I was trying to hunt down another creature that had escaped me a few times and I was wanting to finally get it. I was had set a trap and hoped that the creature I was hunting would be attracted to it. I made sure that my crossbow was loaded and ready to go and my sword was close at hand. What I saw I didn't expect, suddenly out of the trees opposite were I was standing came a howl followed by a large black wolf. It took the meat so quickly my trap wasn't triggered. I didn't have time to let the bolt loose nor did I want to because it was a wolf, I was quickly reminded of Luna so I wanted to find her and see if she was friendly. I never did go back to find the creature I was hunting.

I followed the trail of blood, I hoped that would lead me to the wolf that took the meat. I followed it deep into the wood when I found that the animal was dropped suddenly and there was no sight of the wolf that took it. I looked around for clues to find out if there was any clues that would give me an idea how the wolf had disappeared. I wasn't able to find anything but was surprised that I didn't see the camp fire not far away from were I was. It had all but gone out but it was clear that it had previously been lit multiple of times with some of the logs more burnt than others. I decided to sit there and see if the person who built the fire would return.

It turned out that I didn't have to wait too long. The woman in question approached and asked why I was sitting there, I explained that I had followed a wolf to this spot and asked if they had seen it. She said that she hadn't but asked if I wanted to sit with her for a while, this was a few months before I had become a vampire so I didn't worry about staying up until morning. After she lit the bonfire she sat down, she kept looking up I thought at first that she was looking at the stars but this couldn't be the case as it was a very cloudy night. I tried asking her why but she didn't appear to hear me asking. We talked for hours, it turned out that she grew up in the same village as me but never went outside long much so we never met. She was only a year older than me and like me she had a bit of skills with a few weapons. She had long black hair that was braided in two small braids at each side of her head and one large one in the middle. Her eyes where an usual colour and I found out later that was to do with the curse that made her a werewolf. I asked her were she lived now and she told me that she didn't have a home and lived out in the woods. She was wearing clean clothes and the idea that she was living out in the woods now confused me because I thought that she would be messier. I told her that if she ever wanted to she could visit me anytime in my hut.

I didn't see her again for a whole month later, this was the last night before the next full moon and she came to my hut. When I opened the door she ran in and shouted to at me to shut the door quickly and asked if their was anyway I could block it. I blocked the door as best I could and did my best to calm her down before asking her what was wrong. When she calmed down she told me she was being hunted and the people after wanted her died. I asked why and that was when she explained that she was a werewolf and she had been bitten by a werewolf that was later killed by a dark haired warlock and that he might be able to help her. I told her I knew who was talking about and said that I would find away to make him lift the curse I also told her she could stay there until I found him. The next night I seen her transform it was astounding I was frightened at first but I soon seen in her eyes that she didn't want to hurt me.

I done my best to keep her in the hut and went to find the warlock that had cursed this werewolf, I didn't know where he would be but I knew who he was as I had met him a few months previously. We became friends but I never arranged to meet him anytime we had met I was just hoping he would be out and about that night. After what felt like an hour of looking I decided to light a small camp fire, and sit down near were I first met him hoping he would pass. I knew that the werewolf would be fine were I left her. Soon the warlock appeared and sat down beside me. He asked about anything that I had done since he had seen me last. I asked him if he knew about a large black female werewolf, I asked if he knew anything that could help her. I told him that her life was endanger and she was currently locked in my hut. He told me he didn't know what would help but that he would talk to her and see if he could work something out for her.

When I got back with the warlock the werewolf had laid down on the floor beside the fire and went to sleep we had to wait until morning when she was back in human form. I made some breakfast and we sat and talked all three of us together. It turned out that the warlock was unable to stop her from transforming but could give her something that would help her when she did transform she would be able to control some of her action. He also offered to give her something safe to stay so she would no longer be hunted. He also told me that I need to have silver to hand just in case there ever a time I would need to kill her. I told him I hoped it would never come to that.

We later went our separate ways later on the that night, and it would be a while before I seen them again. In fact the warlock was the first person I seen when I became a vampire. More on that later. I often seen the werewolf after that and some nights we ended up sparring each other testing our strength. She would often leave big gnashes on my back but they allows healed quickly. I never used any weapons during these fights but she said that they helped her a lot. There was some nights that all three of us could be seen sitting by a camp fire together.

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