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My blood lust almost took over.

There is one thing that with being a vampire that I can't get away from,that is my thirst for blood. I need it to survive I can eat food but it doesn't give me anything. I can control my thirst for blood normally and don't need to kill humans to get the blood I need I can either drink a little blood from someone enough to ease my thirst for a little while or I can kill an animal and drink it's blood. I don't like the blood of a human if they are drunk as it makes me sick and I no longer get drunk from alcohol. Although I am able to keep my blood cravings under contIrol there was on night I found this harder than normal and it also ruined the whole night.

Over the years I have enjoyed many different type of music and have enjoyed many different events but I have never felt happier than when I have been sat round a campfire a with a drink in one hand laughing with my friends and listening to some traditional music, there would be someone playing the bodhrán another person with a fiddle and someone uilleann pipes, sometimes other people would join in and in later time a guitar would be added. It was on one such night that I nearly lost control and my blood almost took over. I was enjoying the atmosphere that I nearly didn't realise what was happening.

It had only been a few months since I became a vampire when I came across the gathering of people who looked around my age sitting around a campfire in the woods, I was nervous about approaching as I hadn't been around anyone apart from the warlock since becoming a vampire. I thought that I would have been rejected by this group of new people but I was wrong, as soon as one of the members of the group seen me they gave me a hug as if I was a friend they were happy to see. I was lead over to the campfire and given a large tankard of mead. I sat and drank with these people for while before the music started playing.

So much fun was being had by everyone people were dancing around the campfire and talking and laughing, although I was carrying my sword as I always did I didn't notice the pile of swords that were propped against a large tree at the edge of the clearing. It was only when one man who had got so drunk that he fell into these swords that I noticed them. This man got up and staggered to the corner, but I knew where he went due to being able to smell the fresh blood. I then started getting very thirsty and licked my lips and followed this man. When I got to him I made sure that he was out of sight before drinking my fill of his blood from the open wound he had on his side. I didn't leave any marks on him so it just looked like he had lost blood from the wound. I also made sure not to drain him fully because I didn't want him to die I just wanted a taste. Since he was drunk his blood made me sick but I found myself wanting more fresher blood. My vision blurred, I started to feel weak I didn't know anything expect the want for blood. Everywhere I looked I could hear the beating of a heart taking over the sound of the drums, I needed to find the source I needed to quince my thirst. The next thing I remember the music seemed to slowly go quite and I heard a scream, I looked down at my hands and seen that I was holding a deer and had it's blood dripping from my mouth.

This shocked everyone, I apologised and told them that I was drunk and hungry and didn't realise what I was doing. I told them that it wasn't something I had done before. I don't know how I managed to convince them that I had just made a mistake and wasn't going to hurt them but that is what I did. The rest of the night went by the way that it had before that had happened. Someone had found the man who had fallen into the swords and had bandaged his wound. I don't know if he recovered because I never saw him again. Just as the sun was rising I made up some reason to leave and faded of into the trees out of sight.

I rarely had this feeling after this but when I did I found it easier to control because I knew what to expect. It is hard and sometime it take a lot out of me but I have never got to this point since.

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