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My encounters with witches

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Well were do I start when it comes to my encounters with witches. First of all witches aren't the big bad scary green faced women seen in movies around a cauldron crackling while making something strange(although in fairness some of their laughs can sound strange but so does mine). No they are humans that know many different things and a lot of them are very spiritual, some of them are healers, some will use different methods to heal such as herbal healing. I have learnt so much things over the years that have not only helped me in my fights with demons but have helped me take care of me. (because even vampires have to take care of their bodies)

Another thing that you need to know is that witches don't like being giving titles as they like to be free and not be tied down to one thing and one form of what people call witch craft. Witch craft is nothing like what you see in the movies or read in books, they don't cast spells like Wingardium Leviosa, it's more that they make potions and some lotions. These potions can be used to help your health and well being. You might even find them brewing a nice tea out of different types of leaves and different berries, they do this knowing what leaves can be used to make tea and the benefits each of them have.

One person of this nature that I met during my travels was a really lovely natural free spirit and I met her in the woods just outside of Dublin. She was just camping under the stars no tent just a blanket to keep her warm along with her campfire over which she had hung a pot for cooking. When I met her it was a wet night her campfire was burning a bit low and I offered to collect some wood since I had my axe, she was a bit worried that I would cut down too many trees, but I reassured her that I am very responsible and only take what needed and I don't touch the smaller trees as I give them a chance to grow. Once I came back with the wood I placed some on the fire and left the rest for later. I seat beside her on the ground and we chatted for ages. She wasn't dressed how you would expect either, she had a long multicoloured dress on with bare feet and her hair was long and flowing with many different colours.

We sat and talked for hours, she never wondered why I was out alone at night and I didn't tell her on this first meeting, I just waited till she fell asleep just before dawn was about to break but left her knowing that she would see me again, I think somewhere along the line she guessed that I was a vampire but didn't want to push me on it. I helped her find some berries and leaves that I had discovered where edible, she taught me that these could be brewed into a nice tea. The tea was delightful and gave me a lovely warm feeling during that cold night. This was when I learnt about the cleansing power of sage. I learnt many thing in those hours but to go into all of it now would take to long.

I met many different witches over the years each teaching me different things, some became friends. I have learnt that salt is very good to have on me at all times because not only can it be used for protection but is very useful to keep vengeful spirits away from bodies. When I next met the lady from the woods she helped me get in touch with nature, helped me to realise that I was more spiritual than I knew I just had to let go off some of the anger that I had been holding for so long. Before I met the lady in the woods I was scared of this unknown, but it took me to have this and the many other conversations I had to realise that things aren't always what they seem at first and it is always better to give people a second chance, because you never know what someone is truly like until you get to know them. You never know they might even surprise you.

This story was inspired by a cool lady Weaver Ann. She is cool why don't you find her Facebook tell her Drynwyn sent you. Plus check out her page Dream weaver Its really cool and witches from 4 corners.

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