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My first fight with a Banshee

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

I have encountered many Banshees over my time fighting and all encounters have been different. The first time I fought a banshee was two years after my fathers death. I knew more than most what horror lay before anyone who had ever heard their fearsome screams.

A Banshee can come at anytime, they summon death. I hope that no matter how long you may live that you never encounter one, if you do please never make the same deal as I did. I will never change what I did with that choice but I still regret it.

It wasn't hard for me to find and confront this hideous spirit as they are drawn to anyone dying or their loved ones. Not much will know that there is two different types of banshees the ghost kind that can be destroyed by finding and burning their remains and covering them in salt. This type of banshee only warns about an impending death it can not cause it, The type of banshee that I was dealing with here was the malevolent kind and they are a lot harder to take down, this kind cause death by driving humans crazy with their scream. Lucky for me when I was fighting her I was no longer human so her scream had no effect on me, I had to craft a gold blade before this fight because it this would be the the only weapon that I could use to hurt her. I had to approach her from the back as if it she had seen me coming she would have attacked me first, giving them the first blow is never good. I approached quietly and hit her in the back with my blade, this made her let out a scream so loud and strong that I was almost knocked of my feet but I held my ground long enough to get in another hit. After a long fight of exchanging blows her claws tearing at my flesh with every hit making me weaker by the second, I got one powerful stab into her back and she was done.

This battle took a lot out of me although the wounds healed quickly it brought back a lot of emotions that I didn't feel I had any more, it brought the grief for my father back. I blamed myself for his death, I felt if only I had let them take me two years previous my father would still be around and got to old age. It brought back how scared I felt back then, but now i was stronger. I had the strength to fight these spirits how I had the knowledge.

This was not my last fight with a banshee and some where more tough and lasted longer so, I was surprised my first fight was so short.

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