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"suddenly a dark hooded figure appeared in the middle of the road"

I have meet many witches over the years, some over the years have become good friends such as the lady in the woods who I found out was called Cassandra although I always called her the lady in the woods. Although I didn't just meet witches over the years I once met a warlock.

I met this warlock one cold windy dark night, when I was on a long ride on Ciara I had a bad day and I just wanted to go for a ride to clear my head. I wasn't a vampire when I first met the warlock but it wasn't long after this that I did become a vampire, so yes I first met the warlock before I met Cassandra. In fact the warlock was the first person that I found after I became a vampire as I was scared.

One night I was out on a long ride when I suddenly a dark hooded figure appeared in the middle of the road in front of me. This scared Ciara so much that she reared up and started kicking and making loud noises I found it hard to hold on. I decided to try and scare this person of, I jumped of Ciara and took out my sword and shouted loudly they didn't respond but slowly turned around and took down their hood to reveal hair as black as night framing a pale face with bright shining eyes.

I managed to calm Ciara down and ask him who he was and why he was just standing in the path, he told me he was a warlock and that he stopped me because he knew I was sad and he wanted to help. I told him I was sad because my best friend/my pet wolf Luna had just died. He said that he could make me feel better if I just talked to him for a bit.

I said I would listen but he only had five minutes to convince me he could help and if he didn't I would leave. He asked me to talk about Luna tell him what made her special. I don't know how or why but something about how he spoke made me feel instantly at ease and I told him all about her. After I spoke and had cried for a bit I realised he had made a campfire, he put his arm gently around my shoulder and walked me to a nice spot by the fire to sit. We drank and talked all night and I felt more comfortable around him than I had ever felt with anyone.

He is still a very big part of my life to this day. He has helped me with so many times in different ways. He sometimes helped me with my fight but only if he was in the area at the time. We never arranged to met but we soon started seeing more of each other on our travels and became really close.

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