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The Bánánach

This was one of the scariest creatures that I faced was the Bánánach. This is known as an Irish demon, it is a supernatural creature that is said to hunt battlefields. This creature is usually an airborne with goat like appearance. It shrieks as it flies this shriek would put a chill down the spine of any man that hears it.

I was walking out on a cold windy night I wanted to find something to fight that night, I had a lot of energy and I needed to do something with it. I was walking close to an area that had once be the area for a great fight between two tribes over the surrounding land. That is when I heard the shrieking before I seen the beastly creature floating in the distance.

The shrieking was so loud that I knew were this creature was from a distance without having to properly see it due to how dark it was that night, it seemed like not even the moon had enough light for this creature to be seen. I knew that this fight would not be easy, I knew the only way that I would be able to get close enough to do any damage to this creature was to draw it close with my crossbow. I took my bow and I loaded it before I aimed it in the direction of the shrieking. I let the arrow loose and hoped that it would hit my intended target. My arrow stuck it right in the head although this wasn't enough to kill it. I suddenly seen it's face as it came flying towards me in a rage, I tried to make it weaker by shooting my bow a few times before it finally got close enough for me to hit it with my sword.

This was a tough creature and I knew that it would take a lot of damage before I would kill it. It dodged all my strikes at first no of them hit. It made me feel like I wasn't ready to fight it but I knew I had to. I took numerous hits before I could get even one hit in, each hit it gave me made me stagger back further away from it. The more that I got hit the more tired and sore that I felt I was getting backed into an area that I couldn't get out off. This took my mind back to when I was a child being backed into a tree, I let out a loud shout and swung my sword again I had to make a hit that would count. I closed my eyes and swung my sword as hard as I could as much as I could as I was swinging I could feel it's blows hitting me and my energy draining but I didn't care. When I opened my eyes and stopped swinging all I seen was the creature disappear in a cloud of dust and smoke. I felt so sore I didn't know if I would be able to recover from my injuries, I knew that I had to get away before the sun came up but I couldn't move, I fell down right where I was sword still in hand.

I woke up the next night in a shelter I didn’t recognise. I didn’t know where I was or how I got there, I reached down to find my sword and my hand fell on a note. When I read the note I found out that Cassandra ( also known as the lady in the woods) had been trying to find the creature and had seen the fight and what had happened. She wrote that she wanted to help but wasn’t able to get close enough, she could see how my energy was draining fast. She felt if I was human I could well have died. She also wrote that once I fell she found someone she trusted to help her move me to her home that was nearby, and said she would be back that night to check I was fine. When she came back we talked for hours and she invited me to stay for a few days. I declined but joked that now she had let me in already that it gave me the freedom to come in anytime I wanted.

I never came across a Bánánach again. It was one of the few creatures that I only encountered once and I was glad at that because I never want to experience that overwhelming drain of energy again. These creatures are not only terrifying but they are fast.

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Mairead Mc ilkenny
Mairead Mc ilkenny
Apr 15, 2022

LV these stories, great read, pls keep me updated with new ones

Replying to

Thanks glad your enjoying the stories, will let you know when there is a new one.

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