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The scariest creature I faced

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

I have faced at lot of scary creatures in my time but the one that I am going to talk about would have to be the scariest I faced so far, not because it was the biggest or the toughest but because it came out of nowhere and I didn't think these creature were real. As you properly seen from the picture it was a gargoyle and I didn't think that I would see one in the building I was in, or that it would be have to fight it.

Now I know what your thinking is that gargoyles are just stone statues usually found on the side of cathedrals, they don't come alive. I used to think that to and I found out the hard way how wrong I was. I was so surprised by it

This is one creature that I fought most recently, I had a feeling that possibly this would be my last fight. I didn't know how much longer I could keep this up. I was out on a walk one night when I decided to explore a old nearly run down building that I hadn't seen inside of before. It was a beautiful old church up near Cavehill this is close to were I live in Belfast. I was hoping to take some pictures here. The first thing that made me aware that there was anything near was the scratching footstep behind me, then I heard a low rumbling growl. I thought that was imaging this and wasn't sure if these creatures even existed.

After I heard this growl I started seeing shadows moving fast in the dark. I kept my hand on the hilt of my sword in case I had to use it quickly. I was terrified that I wouldn't have enough time react if it attacked. I suddenly heard the angry breathing of the creature above me and I knew it wouldn't be long before it would pounce, I still didn't know what was making these sounds but I was ready to take on anything that came at me.

The large gargoyle soon jumped down from the rafters with a loud thud, and begin charge straight for me. I swung my sword hard against it's chest, the clash made a tremendous sound but did very little damage. It swept for me with it large claws which narrowly missed my neck with this first swing. I jumped back and swung my sword again hitting it repeatedly as it dragged those large claws across my chest. This fight was so long and the gargoyle didn't seem to be hurt by may sword. I knew that they only way that I would win would be wait until morning. I knew it was risky for me as I would have to stay out of the light myself while getting it into the light. I was tried and had long open deep cuts everywhere from it many hits when I managed to get the creature into the right position.

After hours of waiting from the shadows I finally seen the first rays of the morning sunrise start to stream through the now mostly broken stained glass windows. The gargoyle let out one last deep angry growl, it knew that it could no longer win. It turned to stone as it slept. I could have just left it there and let it live but I was stuck there, I couldn't leave during the day but I knew that I wouldn't have time to heal if I got struck again once it woke again. The risk was great whatever I choose, it was either death by going into the light while I was so injured or wait for the gargoyle to finish me of later. I took one look down from the loft that I was standing in to see if there was anything I could use as cover, there was not. With the gargoyle at the edge of this small landing we were perched on I took out my sword and swung it, hitting it as hard as I could hoping I would make it fall. It fell with a huge crash that made this the wood shake but the creature was cracked. This was enough to allow me to jump down on top of it and while staying in the shadows hit it hard with my sword until it finally crumbled under my feet.

I stayed in the shadows the rest of the day waiting until night when I could leave again. While I waited I took out the bandages that I always carried and applied them to the large gnashes the gargoyle left across my chest. I though about how close this creature had come to killing me, if it had for hit me higher it could have easily took my head off. I wasn't sure if I was relived that it hadn't or if I was angry that I just didn't give in. I was starting to feel like I had enough, Once I seen the light of the moon start to fill the room I knew it was safe to leave.

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