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"I had heard rumours of their existence"

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Let me tell you about the time that I met a dragon, yes I know what your thinking dragons aren't real but let me tell you that they are very much real but they keep well hidden and like vampires they only hunt at night. Also have you ever heard about a few sheep or cows going missing and no one can explain why, or they are found with what looks like bite marks from wolves, well that is dragon's the bite marks are baby dragons not wolves.

So like you I first thought that dragons weren't real until I seen my first one. I came across them when after I been doing some hunting that night, they were in the middle of a field feasting on a sheep, it was young one and I knew that the mother wouldn't be too far away or so I thought, like any wild creature it is not smart to disturb them while eating so I stopped and watched fascinated as I couldn't believe my eyes. I had heard rumours of their existence such as strange loud roaring and the destruction of some parts of nearby forest, but I didn't believe it as there wasn't enough evidence. Although here was a small young dragon just having a snack.

It was small red, with a slight gold tint to it's scales, it looked a bit under weight and like it hadn't had a bite in days. I was surprised at this because I thought that a with such a young one it mother would be looking out for it. Then I saw it the glint of a crossbow bolt sticking out of the top of his wing it was deep in his shoulder. That must have been why his mother abandoned him she wouldn't have expected him to survive, I felt a tinge in my shoulder were the scar was. This gorgeous boy was a fighter but he needed help, he needed the bolt removed so he could get back to full form.

I decided to approach with caution I had a few rabbits that I had caught earlier, I knew I had to approach slowly with the rabbits in hand. I also made sure to approach him face on so as not to spook him by coming up behind him. I knew he wouldn't understand me but like I did with Luna I did my best to gain his trust and speak in a low calming voice. He sniffed at the rabbits and looked at me for a bit before ripping them from my hand with more strength than I expected him to have, they were gone within seconds. However I made sure that i had more than two on me and I placed the rest in the grass in front of him, this allowed me get close enough to get hold of the bolt. I didn't want to rip it out too quickly but I knew I couldn't take my time. I gave it a few hard tugs and a one point he growled in pain, this made me freeze with fright for a moment as I thought he would swing round and attack me, but I managed to control myself enough to pull it out. I didn't have the big enough bandages in my bag to wrap it but I did my best.

Once I got his wing wrapped and he ate all the rabbits, I decided that it was best to lead him somewhere he wouldn't be seen. It was nearly sunlight and I had to get into the shadows, I knew the best person to find to help with this, I got into the woods and was happy that this lovely boy followed. Perhaps he was hoping I had more food. I found the clearing in which I usually found Cassandra, as I approached I seen her sitting the same way she had been for the first time I meet her, I signalled for her to come over and told her I need her help. When she came over she gasped at the sight of my new friend as she had never seen a dragon before either. I asked her for something to stitch the wound and a better bandage, while Cassandra done her best to speak to Drake in her most smoothing voice and feeding him some of her delicious soup, I patched up his wing and then lay down beside him and we both slept in the shadows of the trees. Cassandra said she will be back that night and went off to do her own thing, later that day I lay under Drakes wing as not to burn in the small amounts of sun rays that came through the tree tops. We stayed there all day till day turned to night again.

When the night came I took Drake out to hunt, I knew I had to find a couple of deer and rabbits to feed his appetite I had to help him now until he got his full strength back. With the feast caught I walked back to the clearing, I made a fire skinned to deer and gave them to Drake and placed to big pots that I always had with me while I was out hunting over the fire and filled them with water, in one I placed some berries and some leaves, in the other I placed two rabbits and some veg, I wasn't going to eat or drink the tea but I knew that Cassandra be coming by soon and I wanted to thank her for her help the previous night. I ate another rabbit that skinned and left the bones for Drake. This was mine and Drakes routine for the next few nights, we slept during the day and hunted at night. Soon Drake was strong enough to fly again, he flew low at first and then got higher.

Before I knew it Drake was strong enough to hunt on his own, It was bittersweet when I watched him go on that first lone hunt, but when I seen him come back with a cow in each clawed foot I smiled knowing he would be ok from now on. I was looking up at him when suddenly two large rabbits fell, I ate one and gave one to Cassandra. We still spent some nights laying in those same woods every now and again but he is a grown dragon so it can sometimes be years before I see his shadow flying across the moon. So if you ever hear a farmer talking about how one of his cows went missing without a trace one night know that they are mad just know it's most likely been Drake or one of his friends having a midnight feast.

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