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Their eyes have me mesmerised

So one thing you may not know about me is I love cats ever since I was a little girl I have always had a soft spot for cats, they have me mesmerised. I can't explain it I have always felt drawn to them and they seem drawn to me. This fact much disappointed my mother as I was growing up as cats were equally loved and feared in our village, and yes it was seen as a bit weird that my parents let me keep a wolf in the house it was more strange to have a cat in your home in fact some people believed it was hazardous. However I couldn't hid this love for cats: black ones especially I have felt more drawn to black cats. I did love my wolf Luna she was so special and I would protect her but I wanted a cat that I wasn't allowed.

You see there is a shared story that we share with the Scottish people that there is a group of fairy cats which are large black cats with white spots on their chests called the cait sidhe that aren't cats but fairies in cat form. These cats are fearsome and even if we wouldn't normally have a black cat in our homes the Cait Sidhe were often used by warriors a symbol that they feared. During Samhain when the veil between our world and the spirit world is thinnest it is best to leave milk out for these creatures or risk them cursing your cows and drying up their milk. If you put the milk out for these cats it is said you will be blessed.

There is another famous tale of the Bog Cat which is said to be lucky. This legendary black cat is said to roam around the shore of Lough Neagh, now I can't be sure of it being there myself as I have never actually seen it but I do believe it is there as I have always felt it presence while I am sitting by the water meditating. This cat like the Cait Sidhe is a black cat that is larger than a domestic cat. It survives by eating anything it finds including insects and small animals. It is believed that anyone that crosses it path will get good blessings such as happiness and wealth.

So you see cats particularly black can be either feared or loved depending on how you look at them. In my eyes cats are very loving creatures and should be treated with respect. I think that one thing that I love so about them is their eyes, they are so hypnotising they can look at you one minute like your best person ever and the next as if they really dislike you.

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