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"I wanted to fight a creature I knew I couldn't beat"

I wanted to write this one about my everyday life what it looks like most days. I wanted to come away from stories that I have been writing so far about my past or the creatures I have met over the years. I know that experiences are what made me into the way I am today but there is other things in my daily life that make me how I am. I will go back to the stories about creatures soon but lets just change it up for a bit.

My day doesn't start like most people's, I know that there is people out there that are like me that get up at night because they have been sleeping all day. However most of the time that is because the work night shift, they have to get up and get ready to go to work, that could mean them putting the kettle on for to make coffee or tea. They would also have to get dressed a lot of time into some sort of uniform. You see unlike those going out to work at night, I am usually getting ready to go out and hunt. I am usually picking up my sword and crossbow before I leave home. Don't get me wrong most nights I enjoy the chaos that I call my every day life. However sometimes the hunt is too much and I just need to press pause.

The first thing I do when I wake up is go out of the cave and collect fire wood. This isn't because I need it but it a routine I have got into, I have to do it because if I didn't I would be thrown off for the night. I live in cave because I found it the best way to have the comforts of things I am used to.

My cave is man made (well vampire made I made it myself) I have a door made from logs strapped together that I stuck in the ground at the caves opening. I built a fire pit in the centre of the cave, I use this to cook, heat water and generally just to keep warm. There is also no lighting in the cave the fire pit is the main light source. I have never lived in what you would call a proper house. I have always preferred living in this way I grew up in a small round house with no windows. So to make me more comfortable and re connect with my past I have always tried to make things feel like my childhood. I used to hate baths but I now love them, I have a big metal tub in the corner of the room, I love my bubbles now but I don't have running water. To get a bath I heat water over the pit in a pot and use that to fill the bath. I don't have seats just mats around the pit. I don't have a bed I still sleep on straw and animal skin like I did grown up this again is my routine it something I got used to, its the place I feel safest and happiest. I have big fur blankets and wool blankets, some of these are store brought but that because I liked the look of them. I keep the shield my father gave me on my wall, it my connection to the past and makes me feel close to him when I look at it. I also have my axe on my wall, this is the weapon that saved my life. It's a reminder that if I didn't use it that day I wouldn't have become what I am today. I wouldn't have gone on to met and fight the creatures that shaped me in what I am. I am also thankful for this because I becoming what I am allowed me to meet some awesome people.

Two people who have became dear friends are Caleb and Tasha, I met them around nineteen years ago and haven't looked back since. Yes I know this is getting of the track and not about my day to day life but its not too far off. You see meeting Caleb and Tasha came at a turning point for me you see it was one of the times that I wanted to press pause. It was on one night that I started to feel I wanted to fight a creature I knew I couldn't beat. I had enough. Before then I had a few really rough fights and found them hard to take. However while I was sitting having a moment I was approached by Caleb and Tasha, I can't remember the exact details be we got talking, I don't know what about them changed my state of mind but they did. They weren't shocked when I told them I was a vampire in fact they asked me questions about it. Me and Tasha talked a lot a about the different creatures I had met, I even felt confident enough to introduce them to Frankie. She made them laugh as much as she made me. After a while I showed them my cave and said for them to call by any time as they would always be welcomed (well during the night). I try to keep I contact with Caleb and Tasha as much as possible, they have been a huge part of my life. I wouldn't be how I am now if it wasn't for them, they helped me see that it's ok to push the pause on the chaos, that I don't always have to be all go. A warrior never has to fight alone.

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