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My Starting story

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Hi my name is Drynwyn i have lived in Ireland my whole life which let me tell you has been a long long time, although I haven't always lived here in what has come to be known as Belfast my whole life. I have moved around a lot and had to change my appearance and learn a lot of new skills. I was born in the city that is now known as Dublin in 200BC [yes is know that makes me really really old but immortal so still look like I am in my 20's or 30's}. Dublin didn't look like it does now, wasn't as big it wouldn't have been called a city then either but we will get into that at a later stage.

My father was a well respected part of his clan and a very powerful warrior, since I was his and my mother's only child he was keen to teach me all the skills he could for fighting, how to handle a sword and cross bow. He did teach me how to weld an axe but I later found that I could do more damage duel welding with my long sword along with a second smaller sword for close up attacks and my bow for distance kills. In the early days I had a shield that my father left to me. I don't carry it now when I am fighting but, love having it at home and it takes pride and place displayed on my wall. I didn't always fight though my mother made sure to teach me some practical skills such as how to sew my clothes, and get stains out. This come in handy when coming in covered in the blood of my enemies. I also learned how to ride a horse and can fight from horseback with ease [although changing that to fighting from a motorbike is a bit tricky but i did it]. I joined my father in battle for the first time when I was fifteen. I tried many times before then but was always stopped. Although I wish that I hadn't been there the day I seen his head cut from his body, I swore on that day that I would kill every demon that came my way and I haven't stopped since.

I have spent many a decade fighting demons and moving around. Where ever the demons have gone I have been there to greet them with my sword in hand, if they want a fight I will give them it. I have been in Belfast since the mid 1980's and have killed many demons in my time. I have seen this place go through some changes. I briefly came here when people were still riding horses and liked it so much I decided to come back, I am glad I did I love it here and don't know if will ever move again.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the many stories I have and want to share with you. I hope that after reading this you want to come back to read more.

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